Sunday, June 28, 2015

Cubed Pyrite Trio

These beautiful little pyrites each come uniquely formed. Their cube formations are distinctive and pronounced. True to their common name "fool's gold" that shine brilliantly when placed in the sun. They are a denser mineral with a weighty feel. They are wonderful partners in yoga or meditation as well as great "pocket stones" to rub throughout your day. There are two distinct types of Pyrite, one with a very tiny crystalline or drusy structure and one with the more distinct cubic appearance.There are even some that exhibit a mixture of both types, known as Isis and Osiris Pyrite. These three are of the cubic iron pyrite variety.

About Pyrite: Pyrite derives its name from the Greek word for 'fire', because when you strike it against another rock, it gives off sparks and it causes a spark when it is hit with steel. The mineral pyrite, or iron pyrite, also known as fool's gold, is an iron sulfide with the chemical formula FeS2. 
In Meditation and Healing: Iron Pyrite is a great stone to use to promote positivity and possibility. It is said to it also boosts physical energy levels and encourages one to overcome ones challenges and live life to its full potential. Helps one to see ones self worth and provides the body with the extra energy to make the changes needed.

It primarily helps the chakra the solar plexus chakra responsible for helping us use our personal power effectively. It has a strong solar energy... and its golden color is part of this vibration. This stone also has a strong spiritual grounding action, and this makes it a stone to use within both the base or root chakras. It is both a fire and an earth energy stone, used by Native American Shamans in healing rituals. Shamans also used its shiny surface to meditate and 'scry'.
It has been used to alleviate tiredness and fatigue, as it increases the oxygen supply to the blood, and invigorates the circulatory system. In meditation it helps to enhance mental abilities, and will allow one to hold ones focus on the tasks at hand to completion. Pyrite is highly effective balancing and fortifying the energy of the lower chakras. 

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