Sunday, June 28, 2015

Galena Trio from Spain

This trio provides a variety of Galena Specimens. The cubed piece is full of luster and shine. It reflects the sun almost as brilliantly as a mirror. The center piece is beautifully marbled with calcite inclusion throughout. The third piece in this trio has a lovely calcite crystal resembling a flower emerging from its top.
About Galena: Galena is a lead sulfide mineral with a chemical composition of PbS. Galena is very easy to identify. Freshly broken pieces exhibit perfect cleavage in three directions that intersect at 90 degrees. It has a distinct silver color and a bright metallic luster. Galena tarnishes to a dull gray. It is the main ingredient in our school No 2 lead pencils. In 2004, researchers at Washington University in St. Louis provided plausible evidence that "heavy metal snow" - which is most likely a combination of lead sulfide (galena) and bismuth sulfide - falls on the higher elevations of Venus. (Venus has an inhospitable environment where volcanoes vent superheated gases into the atmosphere. Sulfur and lead are among the gases erupted from the volcanoes on Venus. They remain in the gaseous phase until they are high enough in the atmosphere to condense.) Please not that due to its lead content Galena must be kept away from children or animals that may put it in their mouths. 

In Meditation and Healing: Key Points: Transformation ~ Grounding ~ Healing ~ Protection Against Radiation and Electromagnetic Pollution ~ General Protection ~ Alchemical Self-Transformation ~ Courage ~ Compassion ~ Love ~ Enlightenment ~ Self-Acceptance

It is known as the “Stone of Alchemical Transformation”. Galena is a stone with the vibrational pattern of lead, which stimulates the process of alchemical self-transformation. It will bring one back into the initial state of a purified physicality. A wonderful stone for initiating the process of awakening.

Galena is an excellent tool in gaining insight. It promotes introspection as well as facing ones fears. It encourages compassion, love, tolerance and peace. Encourages self acceptance. 
Chakra: Root

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Location of Origin: Spain

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