Sunday, June 28, 2015

Large Amethyst Flower from Brazil

This is a beautiful Amethyst specimen is from Brazil. She has a lovely purple and lavender crown made of perfect gemmy points.  A rusty red hematite is found at her center with an additional two red circles on either side adding the properties of hematite to this one of a kind piece. For more information about the healing, metaphysical and legendary properties of Hematite go to Hematite Properties. 

About this piece: (I refer to this piece as ‘she’ because when one meditates with her one can feel the pure energy flowing from Mother Nature.) The piece is a wonderful piece to adorn any room of home or office.  She is an amazing partner for those that practice yoga and meditation as amethyst is known for helping to align the chakras and clearing the third eye. Amethyst is one of the most ancient and written about stones used in healing body and mind. For more information about the healing, metaphysical, and legendary uses of amethyst go to Amethyst Properties Quick Reference.  

As one of Mother Nature’s works of art, she stands on her own and displays beautifully alone or in conjunction with another piece. She reminds one of a purple crystalline sunflower as the sun sets and shines through her crown of points. She’s a purple-lovers dream stone and looking for her perfect home…might it be with you?

About Amethyst: Amethyst is a beautiful stone that is in the quartz family. Amethyst is the most precious quartz mineral and comes in a few distinct colors including violet, purple, rose, lavender and mauve. Amethyst is rated a 7 on the Moh’s scale. Amethyst can be meters long. (Amethyst was founded in Mexico in 1900; it measured 33 feet, by 16 feet, by 10 feet and weighed over 8 tones.)

Amethyst is created from quartz, usually from alternate shifts of right and left handed lamellae. (Lamellae is a geological term used to denote shifts in the earths crust.) Amethyst is usually found crystallized and may have what is called thumb markings. Thumb markings are due to rippling or fractures in the crystals. It is also important to note that man-made and natural Citrine is created from heat treated Amethyst, Citrine’s color is yellow orange to clear brown. 

Amethyst Historically: It was believed to have many special qualities, including the ability to prevent intoxication, for this reason many cups or glasses are bejeweled with Amethyst especially antique glasses from ancient Roman and Greek times. Amethyst was popular with Ancient Egyptians as well as the.

In ancient and medieval times Amethyst was used to overcome addictions, It was also used by people with hearing disorder, headaches or pain as a way to treat it. Amethyst was also used for insomnia and to stabilize mental disorders. In some Buddhist traditions it is used to aid in lucid dreaming and in meditation. In Hindu traditions it is also used in healing the body and as an aid in integration of the selves. Amethysts is also referred to as the sign of a thinker or philosopher. 

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